We believe all citizens have the right to more convenient access to city services

Linked Urban

Placing citizens in the center of the city
Enabling entrepreneurs to develop IoT businesses

About Linked Urban

We believe all citizens have the right to more convenient access to city services. We at Product Innovation (Telefonica I+D) are exploring a different approach on Smart Cities aiming at providing “smart” to relevant players and we consider those are citizens and entrepreneurs. In fact, we believe that a city is smart, as long as their citizens are smarter and have more livable spaces and lives.

Developing the Linked Urban programme, we aim at:
• Working with cities to identify and face their main challenges, and be part of real change around New Digitally Enabled Services
• Enabling entrepreneurs to develop those new services, providing them with usable data for businesses through sensors infrastructure (IoT), identity infrastructure and data integration
• Fostering an ecosystem where both public (goverments) and private sectors truly contribute with their key assets to make the local economy to grow

Our main criteria to define and choose city challenges are:
a) Solves a citizen problem
b) Creates new Digitally Enabled Services
c) Creates and captures economic value.
Outcomes would validate: meeting user needs, new services generation, economics, business models and scalability.

We are looking for partners to join us in this endeavour.

Download our papers

Based on our research these documents provide:
• Key insights on the main city actors and their interactions
• A description/analysis of why cities are a huge opportunity related to new digitally enabled services for citizens
• The way forward, what we propose under a collaboration model

Vision paper 2015 Learnings

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